Binationals: Cameroon’s new reinforcements?



Sacha Boey’s decision, as a full-back for Bayern Munich, to represent the Cameroonian national team, the Indomitable Lions, has sparked strong reactions in the football world.

By changing his Instagram profile picture to the Cameroonian flag, Boey has clearly shown his attachment to his origins and his ambition to play for Cameroon at the international level.

This choice comes after yet another omission of his name from the French national team list, established by Didier Deschamps, despite outstanding performances and notable statistics with Bayern Munich. At 23 years old, and after a notable season at Galatasaray that brought him into the spotlight of major European clubs, including Bayern Munich, which subsequently recruited him, Sacha Boey has made a bold decision.

The motivation behind his decision to play for Cameroon may stem from some disappointment related to his non-selection for the French team. However, this raises the question of how this news will be received by Cameroonian football officials, especially considering the idea that Boey sees Cameroon as an alternative.

Cameroon, eager to welcome a player of Boey’s caliber, faces a dilemma: whether to accept a player who seems to view it as a fallback option or not. Despite this, Boey’s integration into the ranks of the Indomitable Lions could undoubtedly enrich the team and offer it a new dynamic on the international stage.


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