FIFA calls FECAFOOT to account for Marc Brys, Samuel Eto’o announces big news on Monday!



There’s some new development in the Marc Brys case in Cameroon. While we await an official decision from FECAFOOT regarding the Belgian coach, FIFA has decided to intervene in the matter. This Monday, the organization led by Samuel Eto’o announced it held an emergency meeting and revealed significant updates.

There’s fresh information in the case surrounding the national coach of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon. While a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7th at the Ministry of Sports, where Samuel Eto’o is invited to meet Marc Brys, the Cameroonian Football Federation released an official statement this Monday. Keenly observing the situation of Cameroonian football for several months, FIFA under Gianni Infantino allegedly contacted FECAFOOT to enforce and uphold regulations regarding the selection of the coach.

FECAFOOT’s statement: In a communiqué posted on their social media platforms this Monday evening, Samuel Eto’o’s organization announced they held an emergency meeting to review FIFA’s correspondence. “Following a written inquiry from FIFA regarding the mechanisms for appointing the technical and administrative staff of the Men’s ‘A’ Team. The Emergency Committee of FECAFOOT, convened today, has taken note of the recommendations and formally commits to implementing all actions to uphold FIFA statutes as well as the laws and regulations in force in Cameroon,” the message reads.

According to the information shared by Samuel Eto’o’s organization, there will be developments regarding Marc Brys, who is already working towards the June matches for the third and fourth rounds of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. According to rumors, the Indomitable Lions will have a new technical staff unless FECAFOOT officially and fully endorses the Ministry of Sports’ choice.

Potential changes in Brys’ staff: However, according to inside sources, the Cameroonian Football Federation will make changes in the Indomitable Lions’ coaching staff. According to Actucameroun, Belgian coach Marc Brys, appointed in April, will remain in his position. However, a new team of experts is being assembled around him, all appointed as assistants, aimed at revitalizing the technical and administrative support for the Indomitable Lions.

On the eve of the long-awaited meeting between Samuel Eto’o and the new coach at the Ministry of Sport, it will be important to keep a close eye on what emerges from this meeting. One thing is certain: Indomitable Lions fans want to see an end to the Marc Brys affair, which has dragged on and is not leaving Cameroon with a good image abroad.


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